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Wagz™ offers the only smart dog collar that allows you to create virtual fencing anywhere — right on your phone. The Explore Smart Collar enables you to draw customizable safe zones, features HD video-activated bark alerts, invisible leash technology and real time activity and calorie burn data. Subscription plan required. Want her to run but just not away? Get the only smart dog collar that lets you set precise boundaries, get alerts and know she's safe. A unique ID tag in each collar activates other Wagz solutions so you can ensure the right amount of freedom, food and water. Plus, it sends all the information right to your smartphone! A unique ID tag in each collar activates other Wagz solutions so you can ensure the right amount of freedom, food and water. Plus, it sends all the information right to your smartphone! The Explore Smart Collar works with the Serve Smart Feeder to provide daily activity and calorie information.

A required plan gives you big benefits for all Wagz products. The Explore Smart Collar acts as a smartphone for your pup and uses cellular data to ensure the pinpoint accuracy needed to locate and track your pup when not at home. Although it may seem weird it is true that sometimes "owning your dog" is not an easy job and can give you headaches no matter how much you love your pet. Especially if you have one with attitude. Now, thanks to the Explore Smart Collar from Wagz you can set boundaries to your dog's "exploring exper. Your subscription starts as soon as you activate your collars on the Wagz App. You will not be charged the monthly fee until the 90-Day Data Plan has ended. 15/07/2019 · The Wagz Explore Smart Collar is more than just smart pet tracking, keep your dog happy, safe, and connected with features ranging from ambient.

Here is another smart dog collar that lets you take better care of your pet. The Wagz Explore Smart Collar provides you with real-time data on your pet’s health and location. It combines with the Wagz Serve Smart Feeder to deliver pet nutrition based on activity level. The Wagz Explore Smart Collar is the ultimate wearable for dogs. The smart collar combines real-time GPS location data, geofencing and artificial intelligence to help owners keep their beloved dogs on their property, off the couch, out of danger and eating healthier. The Wagz™ family of connected-pet products work together to cover your most pressing needs — check out our collection of smart dog collars, automatic feeders, pet treat dispensers and more.

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